Integrated Rail and Resources Acquisition Corp. is a newly organized blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses.


We intend to focus our search in North America on railroad companies that transport bulk commodities, terminal companies that transload bulk commodities to and from railroads and pipelines, trucks, and ports, the companies that produce bulk commodities moved by railroads in large volumes, and the rail cars that are used to transport bulk commodities.

About IRRx

We believe our management team will provide us with a robust and comprehensive set of opportunities from which to evaluate potential business combinations that provide synergistic and integrated value that cannot be realized by stand-alone producers of bulk commodities and stand-alone transportation service providers. We believe our collective expertise, relationships, and network will rapidly extract the high-value business opportunities from the numerous potential acquisitions. We believe that our competitive strengths for identifying, evaluating, combining, and establishing these integrated opportunities include the following:

  • Industry Reputation

    We believe our management team’s success, experience, and relationships, exemplified by our ability to obtain an exclusivity agreement with the State of Utah for the development of the $2.4 billion Uinta Basin Railway project promoted by the state, the State of Louisiana for the Plaquemines Liquids Terminal and Pelican Pipeline projects, and our deep, trusted relationships with senior leadership at the major North American railways, will enable us to generate transaction opportunities unique to us.

  • Industry Expertise

    Our management team has focused its career on understanding and leveraging the business lines of rail, terminal, and port transportation customers, in the grain, ethanol, steel, crude oil, copper mining, and soda ash mining businesses, to list only a few, in order to gain market share and higher valuations for those customers.

  • Depth of Team and Sponsorship

    We believe our management team’s collective experience, network, and reputation in the bulk commodities and transportation industries, will enable us to rapidly identify and pursue business opportunities where bulk commodities lack market share or pricing power due to lack of committed and economical transportation service, and where transportation assets are stranded due to lack of management understanding of their customers. We anticipate that our management team’s depth and expertise will quickly identify and evaluate high-value transactions, and expedite the time from the initial identification of the opportunity to the transaction announcement.

Management and Board of Directors


Richard D. Bertel

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer | Board Member, Management

Mark A. Michel

President & Chief Operating Officer | Board Member, Management

Chris A. Bertel

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer | Management

Timothy J. Fisher

Senior Vice President and Chief Acquisition Officer | Board Member, Management

Henry Didier

Vice President of Investor Relations

Robert L. Bach

Senior Vice President & General Council | Management
Mark Hemphill

Vice President, Infrastructure Analysis

Mark W. Hemphill

Vice President, Infrastructure Analysis | Management

Michael A. Haeg

Vice President, Commercial Analysis | Management

Nathan Asplund

Independent Director | Board Member

Rollin D. Bredenberg

Independent Director & Chair of the Compensation Committee | Board Member

Brian M. Feldott, CPA

Independent Director & Chair of the Audit Committee | Board Member

Edmund Underwood Jr.

Independent Director & Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee | Board Member

Integrated Rail and Resources Acquisition Corp. Announces Closing of $230 Million Initial Public Offering